“…despite our differences, we’re all alike. Beyond identities and desires, there is a common core of self – an essential humanity whose nature is peace and whose expression is thought and whose action is unconditional love. When we identify with that inner core, respecting and honouring it in others as well as ourselves, we experience healing in every area of life.”- Joan Borysenko




My purpose is to help restore your whole Being to a better state of health and balance by identifying, diffusing and healing early, developmental and inter-generational life traumatic stresses and pain. Your imbalances may be due to physical, mental, emotional, nutritional, spiritual or energetic deficiencies – something as simple as forgotten past events/memories could be blocking your way to a happier you!


Hi, I’m Mary-Jane, a.k.a MJ. I would like to tell you a little about me, my discovery of Kinesiology, how it changed my life and the journey to discover who I am.


I spent many years feeling lost, stuck and out of place in my skin and the world around me. People who knew me would not have been aware I wore a social mask to hide my mental and physical trauma.  Wearing my mask growing up allowed me to hide my internal feelings from people as well as shielding and protecting myself from the world.


I pursued many different modalities to help me, but it was only when I experienced Kinesiology did I truly begin to understand the mind/body/spirit connection. Learning how the emotions we feel affect our body (nervous system, muscles, organs, meridians, etc.) and how we respond to it.


It was many years ago, when I was early into my studies, that I heard spirit say to me very clearly, ‘my purpose is to diffuse and heal trauma from deep within the core of the body’. Not really understanding the depth of the message, nor given any insight into how I was going to achieve this, it peeked my interest and I began learning and studying more about trauma and healing our nervous system, be it acute or chronic, early or developmental and inter-generational or past life, and how it is not only stored in our mind (psychology) but in our ‘body’ (physiology) as well. 

Brisbane Kinesiology Principal Practitioner Mary-Jane

“Kinesiology has given me the gift of self-awareness and acceptance and I’d love to help you discover your untapped potential too.”


Kinesiology helped me dive into my body and emotions to overcome chronic back pain and sciatica, migraines, anxiety & depression, nutritional and chemical addictions and disorders. It helped me deal with past unresolved relationships and their emotions. It brought me conscious understanding and awareness from stressful traumatic events of my early childhood and developmental years through to adulthood and gently guided me to uncover layer by layer the underline causes and issues of these unhealthy states. It helped me to understand my spiritual side, like what being an empath and clairsentient meant and guided me to safely access my spiritual gifts which I felt I had no control over as a child or adult. More importantly, Kinesiology provided a safe space for me to shift and release trauma I’d been holding onto for years. By uncovering all of this, it allowed me to align with my core values and beliefs about myself and who I chose to be in this life.


My life-changing healing journey allowed me to truly transcend beyond the limits of my body and mind and guide me to rebuild myself from the inside. Don’t be mistaken, life is unpredictable, I don’t know what future challenges I am yet to face but I can confidently say that no matter what happens I now have the amazing tools to move through anything.


Because of this, I had the realisation to become a kinesiologist and so much more.


With warmth,

Mary-Jane xo


“A good kinesiologist is a blend between a guide, a coach, a wise observer and a companion who helps each client look at their life and see what is working and what is not, accept that change is needed and walk beside them as they make positive long-lasting changes that enable them to live a life of purpose.” – Dr Dewe



My experience and qualifications have been attained over many years of hard work and dedication to my own health and well-being. Kinesiology opened the door for me to explore life changing modalities that help diffuse and heal deep present life and inter-generational life trauma by guided gentle somatic (felt-sense, body-embodiment) work. My interest and continual studies lie in understanding our nervous system and how emotional regulation can bring healing to it, polyvagal-informed care and stabilising the vagus nerve to calm and restore the body, and in integrative somatic trauma therapy which encompasses a wide range of approaches to restoring well-being and the understanding that healing happens through our bodies’ primal language of movement, breath, and sensation.

My holistic integrative modalities include Professional Kinesiologist and counselling in the kinesiology space, Neural Organisation therapy, Neuroplasticity, Advanced Sports Hypertonic and Body-Mind Integration, EFT, EMDR, Body and Emotion Code (present life and inter-generational trapped emotions), Somatic Trauma Healing, Ho’oponopono, Nutritional Advisory, Reiki, Eden Energy Medicine, Energy Healing, Australian Bush Flower therapy and more.

I want to leave you with an insightful quote from one of my favourite authors.

“I have come to the conclusion that human beings are born withan innate capacity to ‘triumph over trauma’. I believe not only that trauma is curable, but that the healing process can be a catalyst for profound awakening – ‘a portal opening to emotional and genuine spiritual tranformation'”- Peter A. Levine