Tuata P. 

I had so many ideas and examples of what I wanted to work with before  coming to my first session but then closer to the appointment, I didn’t know what to expect. 
MJ is open and real and straight to the point, she helped me recognise alot of my thoughts feelings and emotions in such a short amount of time. I feel like I’m refreshed and I’m happy and content with everything we went through in our session.
MJ thank you for helping me with reconnecting and for energizing my body and soul and spirit! I feel that this only the beginning, we have only laid the foundation and I am ready for this journey on my life path. thank you again MJ, 
I will return soon.
Regards Tuata. Bless. 

Joshua L.

Mary-Jane is the most naturally intuitive Kinesiologist that has ever worked on me. She is able to quickly drill down to the main areas of concern and I have no doubt that she shifts energies in the right way for you in the sessions. I look forward to my sessions with Mary-Jane.

Highly recommended…10/10.

Bella M. (Adult & Kids)

Mary-Jane has provided amazing support to myself & my 2 young daughters & she has created results for each of us that we have not experienced in our years of treatments with other people. Mary-Jane creates a very open, calm, safe & supportive space to work through issues deeply & comprehensively, but also gently. The results achieved for my girls & I are extensive & have covered a range of emotional & physical matters – & the results have been truly remarkable! We are hugely grateful for Mary-Jane & the incredible work she achieved for us. I highly recommend Mary-Jane & my friends of mine who I have referred to her have also achieved amazing & truly remarkable results.    

Thank you Mary-Jane

Brian V. (Kids Testimonial)

4 year old Elicia*(not her real name) was around 3 years old when she started to compulsively and unconsciously pick the area near and between her eyebrows which started small and lead to a 3cm long snail trail raw scar. These scars were there constantly and would not be given a chance to recover. Putting band aids to the affected area worked to a point, but was not a permanent solution and she continued to pick at it. A year or so into picking the affected area, we received a recommendation from a family friend to see Mary-Jane. Soon after, we made a booking and I took Elicia* to Mary-Jane for a kinesiology treatment. Within a few weeks after her first session Elicia* stopped picking the affected area and the scarring was soon gone. I was truly amazed with the results. Thank you Mary-Jane.

Adam C.

In my first session with Mary-Jane I was blown away at how effective kinesiology is and the depth that can be reached to find the underline cause and issue for my pain. I was suffering from major back and neck pains, shoulders and arms were tight and tense and I haven’t been able to sleep peacefully for years. The pain was keeping me in a depression. It was stopping me from doing all the things I love like surfing, rock-climbing, boxing etc. I was seeing a chiropractor, physiotherapist and a massage therapist but the pain just kept coming back and they still couldn’t tell me why I was in pain. During the first session I started to feel a difference and my pain was almost gone. Mary-Jane not only addressed the physical pain but got to the root of the problem which was more around emotional past and present trauma and stress I was holding onto.

My life has changed dramatically in the 2 months that I have been seeing Mary-Jane, I sleep better and I am completely pain free. A true healer, thank you!

Stephanie J. (Kids Testimonial)

Mary-Jane was recommended to me by another parent at school after her child had amazing results. So I decided to take Mia* (not her name) for a kinesiology session.

Mia* was constantly in fear as a baby, clingy, needy and attaching to me every chance she could. Then when she started school it got progressively. I knew that she didn’t feel safe and needed help to figure out why. After the first session she was calmer, more relaxed, she stopped having crying fits, she was sleeping better and was looking forward to going to school.

Thank you so much Mary-Jane, you are a blessing and I’m so happy I brought her to you.

Terry U.

My second visit with MJ was very interesting! I didn’t have anything in mind in particular to work on but I knew we would be taken to the place we needed to go. After chatting for a bit about what was coming up for me recently, MJ got an intuitive feeling of what we should work on.

There was 3 different emotionally inherited traumas that were sitting in my generational lineage up to 24 generations! They were all cleared. But the most amazing part was finding an injury in a past life in my left calf. This had resulted in unhappiness in that past life.

In this life, I had sciatic nerve damage which resulted in my left calf being very painful and tight anytime I ran. So I basically don’t run anymore. As a ‘coincidence’, 2 days before seeing MJ I ran and ended up with acute pain in that calf. MJ cleared the inherited emotional trauma which still resided in my energy field. I’ve since been for a few runs now and there is zero pain or tightness in my calf. It has gone! It was super frustrating to not be able to run, but now I can with ease. : )”

Thank you MJ, I look forward to more amazing sessions.

Elisse C.

I can’t recommend Transcend Kinesiology highly enough.
I was referred by a friend, not knowing much about kinesiology or what to expect.
From the moment I walked in the door and was greeted by the lovely MJ, I felt calm and relaxed. Her muscle testing skills, along with a variety of other holistic tools, paired with her amazing intuition makes each session highly personalised.
MJ holds space for people in such a beautiful, gentle, yet strong way and provides a safe space to explore physical, emotional, energetic or spiritual blocks.
Each session I walk out of there feeling refreshed, lighter and have seen dramatic shifts in my mindsets, energy, and outer circumstances.
Thank you MJ for your powerful contribution to my journey and growth, as well as just being the beautiful soul that you are!

Janice C. (Kids Testimonial)

Everyday I am grateful to have been referred to Mary-Jane by other parents.

As a mother of three, I have taken my children to sessions for the past 3 months to help overcome the challenges they face in their developmental and emotional behaviours.

My children have been able to freely and safely express their feelings, and when they don’t have the words to express how they feel, Mary-Jane gently guides their body to do the talking to uncover their core issues. These sessions have been heaven sent and my children are calmer, happier, more focused at school and overall more positive. As a mother, I couldn’t ask for anything more and I am feeling much happier too.

Thank you so much Mary-Jane.

Jacqui N.

Thank you Mary-Jane for your time and energy throughout my session. You made me feel relaxed and comfortable enough to be able to open up and answer locked personal memories. Throughout the session I felt at peace, no stress or anxiety and extremely calm. Got a little teary at times but that’s all part of the process especially when hidden emotions surface. My children felt the same as I did and absolutely loved the calm energy that came from you. They are looking forward to their next session also. Thank you once again can’t wait to see you again.

Em K.

MJ is truly talented and I can’t thank her enough for her work. I started seeing her after my first round of IVF. Devastated with the outcome, MJ helped keep me balanced emotionally and began to heal the stress that my body was holding onto. Not long after we started our sessions, I noticed a difference. Not only did I feel better and grounded, my body was responding well to the hormones and treatment and I was producing more eggs at each cycle – I had one egg at my first cycle and by my last cycle, I had 6 eggs!! I couldn’t believe it. My sessions with MJ helped my body heal and recover as we worked through personal trauma, emotionally inherited trauma, limiting beliefs and all the other discomfort that came up. She is professional, genuine and amazing at what she does. I wouldn’t be where I am without her and I couldn’t recommend her more.

Andrew W.

Recently, Mary-Jane treated me for a recurring issue in my life which would not disappear. Despite having been to other kinesiologists in QLD and NSW, I was unable to identify the underlying reason. Mary-Jane has been the only practitioner to shed light on root cause. She used a technique called N.O.T (I’m not sure what it is but it worked!) to identify a past event from my childhood that was driving my behaviour and thinking. Thank you very much for helping me resolve this issue.

Court D.

MJ is one in a very few people that makes me feel comfortable, at ease and understood during her sessions. Her unique work amazes me as she picks up on a lot about me, allowing me to make sense of any imbalances and helping me work around them. She has helped me tremendously find my path, my purpose and power within myself and I couldn’t recommend seeing her more. She is professional, extremely intelligent, gentle and great at what she does I look forward to seeing her in the future. Lots of love.

Chaz G.

Absolutely amazed. I have had many face to face and distant sessions with Mary-Jane who approaches everything with kindness, love and an open mind and heart. After each session I feel balanced and relaxed with an open awareness into my situation.

During my last session with MJ, which was a distant session online, I expressed how I was wanting to change my words and behaviour towards my children and life in general. I was constantly yelling, using inappropriate language at times and getting frustrated easily which left me feeling exhausted and miserable by the end of everyday. During the 1 hour session, MJ opened my eyes to see that I must first take responsibility for myself, deal with issues that have been festering deep inside me for years and then everything around me would change. She taught me a technique to perform daily on myself. Wow, it has now been a week since my session and the changes have been amazing. I have been much calmer and become consciously aware of my words and behaviour which allows me to stop and think before acting! My children have settled down a lot with minimal arguing. My son has not asked for his ipad in a week and my eldest daughter, who would prefer to sit in her room on her all day on her phone and ipad and was quickly growing distant and aggressive towards me, has been engaging with family activities and enjoying time with her siblings.

Thank you Mary-Jane, truly a beautiful energy healer.

Emma C.

I was 28 years of age and had been (badly) biting and ripping my nails all of my life. I never thought that I had an addiction until one day, it stopped. I’d previously had multiple balances (with other Kinesiologists) focused on trying to kick the habit but nothing worked. When I first saw Mary-Jane at an expo giving a client a balance, I instantly knew that I wanted her to be my new Kinesiologist. She’s passionate about what she does, I feel super comfortable with her and she really knows what she’s doing. After seeing her a few times for other things, I booked in to finally deal with my nails. I wasn’t sure it would work (because I hadn’t had any success so far), but I felt a shift during the balance and felt more positive about the possible outcome. At first I still wanted to play with my fingers (out of habit) but the biting and ripping stopped instantly! Almost 8 months later and I have the whites on all of my nails and have not gone back to my old ways. Thank you so much MJ, for all of your help!

Dani T.

I never knew much about Kinesiology or energies until I met Mary-Jane. At the time I wasn’t in the best mindset and was going through some tough times. Mary-Jane recommended that I do a session to help me clear some of the things I may be holding onto. I remember lying down and feeling very relaxed while she worked on different parts of my body. A lot of past emotional trauma came to surface and during the session there were moments of tears as I felt the trauma I was holding onto was leaving my body. There were parts Of my body that had stored past energies that I felt were being released. After the session felt a sense of release and felt a lot lighter than I had prior to the session. I felt that had let go of the energies I was storing that were no longer serving me. I also felt a higher self-worth and self-love. I would highly recommend healing through Kinesiology to anyone holding onto any past emotional trauma and looking for balance. I look forward to continue working with Mary-Jane to help me balance out my emotions and to assist my overall heath and well-being.

Laura T.

I have had a few balances from Mary-Jane over the time that I have known her and I always feel supported by her gentle and highly intuitive energy. It’s like she feels what I’m feeling and then guides my whole being to release what is blocked and restores balance which leaves me feeling relaxed and full of spirit.

Marie K.

If I was to give “one word” to describe the healing and wellness I have received from MJ, it would be “enlightenment”
MJ has a calm energy and deep aura, and I appreciate it so much. She’s helped me on a journey, which I have finally opened up to…and that’s saying something….
MJ, One of a Kind

Maria O.

Outstanding. Received a transformation after each session with big life issues resolved. I have subtly lost decades of emotional baggage in my relaxing Kinesiology treatment. I feel my life is much lighter and brighter.