Hyperton-X / Total Body-Mind Integration

Adults and children of all ages can benefit from Hyperton-X / Total Body-Mind Integration / Sports Kinesiology as it helps to eliminate pain, tension and trauma from muscles which hold in an over-protective state (hypertonic). Hyperton-X specialises in 6 main areas: sports performance and injury recovery, flexibility, learning difficulties, emotional trauma, pain relief and allergies by releasing the excess (hyper) tension (tonic) in the muscles.

What is Hyperton-X / Total Body-Mind Integration?

Hyperton-X refers to ‘hypertonic muscle balancing’ and is a form of Total Body-Mind Integration and Sports Kinesiology, however its benefits extend far beyond enhancing physical performance. It raises the levels of physical and mental performance by identifying and releasing hypertonic muscles which are found to relate to the whole-brain and body/mind integration, this in turn increases the cerebral spinal fluid (CFS), the performance of the endocrine system (responsible for your hormones) and relief from jamming of neuro-muscular signals caused by hypertonic muscles.


The hypertonic muscle is corrected based on the Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) technique. The muscle is positioned in its maximum extended range. The client applies a constant contraction against the practitioner holding the limb in a steady position, the client applies light pressure against the contraction towards the practitioner who matches pressure resistance. The practitioner gently extends the muscle by a few degrees by pursuing the muscle to its increased range of motion, after a full count of 6 outbreaths by the client to facilitate the release. This is repeated 3 or 4 times after which the muscle has improved its range of movement and is significantly more relaxed.


All techniques applied are simple, safe and effective.

What causes hypertonic muscles?


A hypertonic muscle is one that is over-restrictive to stretch and its range of movement is usually tight and sore. Muscles that have become hypertonic through injury or over-use tend to be responsible for a lot of the imbalances that occur in the posture, nervous system, cerebro-spinal fluid flow and meridian energy flow.


Pain, restricted range of motion and weakness due to muscle proprioceptors being in a confused state can often be caused by the following;

  • emotional stress – jaw clenching, neck and shoulder tightening, back stiffening, psoas tightening
  • over-exertion – work , athletics and sport, dance, injury or accident
  • quick unexpected movement – slip, jerk or fall
  • misuse – poor posture, sitting (causes hypertonic hamstrings), high heels (causes hypertonic gastrocnemius)


In some cases there can be an emotional component underlying the physical problem so that even though the muscle has healed physically, it still retains memory of the event, continuing to restrict range of motion and causing pain, keeping it in a state of shock. Some possible other causes are food intolerances, illness, physical defects, birth trauma and poor work habits.


Every muscle in the body has spindle cells located in the belly (fattest part) of the muscle and functions like a radar station; monitoring the distance between stations (cells), regulating the rate of change in distance (length) of the muscle and the time that change takes to occur from one point to another. By clearing these hypertonic muscles via resetting of the spindle cells, the erroneous pain goes away and the integrity of the muscle returns allowing for more flexibility and relaxation within the body.

Benefits of hyperton-x


Hyperton-X corrects deficiencies and integrates holistic energy systems by increasing the flow of cerebral spinal flow (CFS) in the body and the Cranial-Spinal-Sacral Articulation which affects both physical and mental performance levels, learning and sports activities and preparing for pregnancy and childbirth by treating and releasing over 16 muscles.


Benefits include:

  • promoting a whole body/mind integration and corrects neurological disorganisation (switching and scrambling of messages)
  • reduction in pain by strengthening weak and painful muscles
  • increase in muscle flexibility
  • reduction in chances of muscle injury
  • increase in neuro-muscular communication by re-setting the proprioception mechanisms in the muscle spindles and tendon reflexes that may have been shocked due to injury or over-use
  • releasing restricted muscles that affect posture and improves normal flow of Cerebro-Spinal Fluid (CSF)
  • improvements in coordination through better muscle balance and enhanced cross-lateral stimulation in the brain
  • releasing interference signals from the muscle that may cause a jamming effect in the sensory co-ordination areas of the brain – specifically the Common Integration Area (CIA) in the Logic Brain Cortex

Hyperton-X may also benefit the following:


  • Mental and physical performance
  • Mental and physical fatigue
  • Learning disorders
  • Dyslexia
  • Circulation of the vascular and lymphatic systems
  • Co-ordination through better muscle balance
  • Sporting performance
  • Jaw clenching / tension / stress (Temporal-Mandibular Joint disorders)
  • Hyoid bone imbalance
  • Emotional balance after trauma
  • Body polarity
  • Walking mechanism (gaits)
  • Food sensitivities
  • Allergies
  • Sugar cravings
  • Meridian energy flow
  • Energy blockages
  • Nerve Plexi (chakra) balance



Hyperton-X (HT-X) / Total Body-Mind Integration / Sports Kinesiology was developed by Frank Mahony. The Frank Mahony Method of Hypertonic Muscle Release is one of the most powerful tools to be used to release muscle tension, strengthen weak and painful muscles, to increase flexibility, increase range of motion and improve sports performance, along with a variety of cognitive difficulties in mental and physical performance. It is used by professional athletic trainers, physiotherapists, kinesiologists, massage therapists, naturopaths, chiropractors and osteopaths. Frank Mahony focused on the hypertonic muscle state after being introduced to the Sacral Occipital Technique (S.O.T), a chiropractic method developed by Dr De Jarnette with the help of Drs Duart, Simmons and Buddingh. He gained an understanding of S.O.T. and the effect it has on the Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CFS) and then developed a method of detecting and correcting hypertonic muscles that were related to the Sacrum and the Occiput, which resulted in a profound and often immediate effect on mental and physical performance.

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